Monday, July 17, 2017

Introduction ?

Hello ! My name is Rachel Ybanez- freshman at Plainfield East High School. My primary instrument is bassoon, and I dabble around in piano a bit as well- even though I play clarinet better than I play the rest haha. My favorite style of music is instrumental pieces- whether that's piano solos, arrangements for concert band, or even video game background music.

I like hearing how people are able to tell stories and make you feel different emotions just by the pitch of sound that different things can make. Here, I hope to learn things I could do to improve my music- along with listening to what other people around my age can make. Truthfully, I'm younger and a lot less experienced than most people here and hope to learn more about the capabilities of different instruments. Because of my inexperience I find myself shying away from writing for other instruments aside from solo piano.

Thank you for taking the time our of your day reading this and teaching us, I look forward to the rest of the week!

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