Monday, July 17, 2017


     Hey, I'm Remington and I go to Charleston High School in Charleston Illinois. I play bassoon and French horn as well as sing and beatbox. I'm in my school's band, choir, and a cappella groups. I'm here at camp because of many reasons. Firstly I came because I always had a love for writing stories and I realized that I wasn't literate in music as I was in English. Secondly I came because I've always felt drawn to composition and was curious if I wanted to pursue it in college. And Finally I came because my a cappella group needs an arrager and so I came in the hopes that the skills I learn here translate to that.
     I'm most inspired by the human voice and want to write a lot with that. Beyond that though I'm inspired by people I found off YouTube namely Jacob Collier, Adam Neely, 12Tone, Rob Scallon, and Andrew Huang. I love intricate jazz and odd rhythmic time signatures. My philosophy is that the farther away from the 4 chord, 4/4 time the more emotional weight a work can obtain. But yeah that's me! Oh yeah I'm also a fan of rap, jazz, and bluesy country/rock as well as EDM and AJR.

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